Our dedicated Activities Director ensures that the activity periods are both fun for all children, so that there is a balance during the day of both instruction, and time to enjoy our environment.

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The very first night of camp, our wonderful Activities Director leads the entire camp in a fun evening of games. Cabins generally stay in groups for the first evening, which have included Amoeba Races, potato sack races, circle games, and other creative activities that help create a sense of community within the cabin group. Laughter is heard throughout the cabin grounds, and smiles are seen on every camper’s face!

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Campfire night is one of those favorite nights at Sierra Mountain Music Camp, where all those camp favorites that have been sung around campfires for years come back, and so does that darn cat! Alumni have recalled for over a decade the annual rendition of “The Cat Came Back (…the Very Next Day),” sung by our former Activities Director, Rick Croom. Our campers also often recall of the annual reading of “Rindercella,” read by one of our alumni, Julie Ueltzen. Campers have an opportunity to lead campfire songs including favorites like “Down by the Bay,” “Boom Chicka Boom,” "TOAST", and many more…some we had not heard of before!

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Talent night is considered to be one of the most amazing nights the entire camp week. This is the evening when the shy camper, who rarely speaks, has the opportunity to walk to center stage and walk off the stage to a standing ovation. These evenings have transformed campers, and caused jaws to drop to the floor within the audience. The talent that lies in our campers is absolutely awe-inspiring, from the violinist who performs, to the camper who wrote a song at camp and decided to play, to a dance troupe who performs annually, even our directors and staff have participated in this wonderful evening.

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As part of our evening activities, cabins are invited to participate in skit night where many of our campers have the opportunity to show their comical side. We have experienced everything from the old time favorites, such as the “Invisible Bench” skit, to skits that have been so creative, and so hilarious that only our alumni can truly understand the talent that is up at camp – both musically and on stage.

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Each year, Sierra Mountain Music Camp ends with a closing night celebration. One of the rehearsal rooms is filled with decorations with our own camp DJ ready to play music while campers celebrate and cement the friendships developed over the week. An additional room is offered as an alternative for those wishing a quieter close to their week.
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One of the most wonderful activities to have up at camp during the summer is the swimming pool. Each afternoon, the pool opens to campers and staff to enjoy the cool water on those warm days. One of our newer evening traditions include an all camp swim on the first evening, and all the campers create a whirlpool! Lifeguards are on duty each afternoon, and many of our counselors are also lifeguard certified to further ensure camper safety.

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With a huge sports field, a basketball court and a sand volleyball court, any sports enthusiast will be entertained while at Sierra Mountain Music Camp. Some of the sports that have become popular at camp are flag football, soccer games, volleyball tournaments (quite popular in years past), basketball, dodge ball, softball, and whatever else our campers and staff can think of!


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The rock climbing wall is one of the favorites with our campers. Campers have the opportunity to scale a rock climbing wall, just like at some of the more popular rock climbing facilities, though this experience is out amid the wonderful Sierras! Counselors are trained by Diamond Arrow staff on how to use the equipment properly, and campers climb using an automatic-belay safety system, similar to those found in most indoor rock climbing facilities. Parent or guardian permission is required to take part in rock climbing.

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Sierra Mountain Music Camp is lucky to have Arts & Crafts volunteers ready and willing to help out our campers with fun, creative, and often environmentally-inspired works of art. In years past, campers have made their own dream catchers, carved soapstone for necklaces, made pins decorated with beads, woven lanyards, and had an overall wonderful experience learning and creating with friends.

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Specially trained Diamond Arrow staff members carefully prepare and supervise opportunities for our campers to speed high over the meadow on a zip line spanning hundreds of feet across the campground.

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Our archery range is supervised by counselors who are trained for this specific activity. What a fun way to spend a morning or afternoon! The camp site is already fully set for archery, including all equipment necessary.

Archery Archery

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