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Music ProgramsToday both orchestras and choirs are disappearing from the public schools, and the prospect of music in children's lives and education has become dismal. With state government & school districts cutting funding for the arts, and private lessons becoming more costly, the need for supplemental music became greater.

Sierra Mountain Music Camp began as an effort to boost school music programs and provide a unique experience in a beautiful environment, with dedicated directors and staff. Our founders, Gus and Peggy Noland, made a spiritual commitment to organize a summertime choral camp and from the beginning, Gus' dream has been to inspire young men, as well as young women to sing. As the camp has grown, programs such as the orchestras and the symphony have been added to support the increased demand from campers, parents, and the community.

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Beginners accepted in junior groups. Senior choir students should have some talent & previous experience or training. All students should be prepared for an informal interview process and assessment. All singers should have a desire to sing in a choral setting.

Senior Boys' Choir

Designed for young men, with mostly changed voice, in grades 9 - college.

Junior Boys' Choir
Designed for boys with mostly unchanged voices, in grades 4 - 8.

Senior Girls' Choir
Designed for young ladies, in grades 9 - college.

Junior Girls' Choir
Designed for girls, in grades 4 - 8.

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String Orchestra

  • The String Orchestra is a full string orchestra.
  • Are able to read first position notes on all 4 strings without difficulty.
  • Know how to play in the following major keys: D, G, F, and C.
  • Are able to respond to accidentals.
  • Have begun 3rd position if he/she plans on trying out for first violin.
  • Know martelé, detaché, and legatto bowing.
  • Are at Suzuki equivalents - Book 2 or equivalent
  • Meet the minimum age requirement - 4th grade

Note: Placement is by both audition assessment & teacher recommendation.  Small groups will be selected during the camp week.

For more information, see the Orchestra Audition Requirements


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