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SponsorsSince 1993, Sierra Mountain Music Camp has offered student musicians a place to come to enjoy the fun of a full week residential camp in the beautiful setting of the mountains of northern California, while having the opportunity to study with some of the best musical teachers and conductors in the western United States. These students come to camp with a wide range of backgrounds and ability, and leave with increased musical skill, a huge sense of accomplishment and love for their music and new friends. At Sierra Mountain Music Camp we invest in a full, balanced, fun, musically excellent time for everyone!

For 16 years youth from all over the country have come to escape the world of their everyday lives and join in a completely inclusive camp experience where cabin counselors and friends, sports and arts and crafts, campfires and talent nights, good food, three challenging rehearsals a day, and a large concert event at the end make up a week of unforgettable memories. Two thirds of our campers return for years to come, and many move into counseling roles, learning mentoring and leadership skills that they carry throughout their lives. While many Sierra Mountain Music Camp alumni go on to perform in various groups throughout their communities and further, all go on to understand that music is a joyful, important part of life, and are touched forever.

As we strive to offer this wonderful week of experience to any youth who may be interested in coming, we need financial support. Our commitment at Sierra Mountain Music Camp is to keep the cost of a full camp week to a minimum, and we have provided scholarship assistance to one fourth to one third of all campers over the years, enabling many families to send children who otherwise might never be able to. We believe that providing excellent musical experience to kids in a safe, supportive, excellent camp environment will touch their lives forever, and help our communities raise better citizens. As music is not a always a reliable option in the public schools, Sierra Mountain Music Camp will remain consistent and a place for our students to come fulfill their dreams.

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